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of antibiotic stewardship
Leadership Commitment
Dedicating necessary human, financial and information technology resources. Demonstrating support and commitment to safe and appropriate antibiotic use in your facility.
Appointing leader(s) responsible for program outcomes including but not limited to physicians, nursing and/or pharmacy.
Drug Expertise
For hospitals, appointing a single pharmacist leader responsible for working to improve antibiotic use. For nursing homes, establishing access to consultant pharmacists or other individuals with experience or training in antibiotic stewardship.
Implementing at least one recommended action, policy, or practice to improve antibiotic use such as systemic evaluation of ongoing treatment need after a set period of initial treatment (i.e. “antibiotic time out” after 48 hours)
Monitoring antibiotic prescribing and resistance patterns or at least one process measure and one outcome from antibiotic use in your facility

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